Agricultural Application Bearings

Agricultural Application Bearings

Grease Free Agricultural Application-specific Bearing Solution

Choosing our unified Agri bearing solution ensures:

  • Great Performance & Service Life: Due to the high load capacity and impeccable wear resistance, the bearings come with extended service life and assured performance in hostile conditions. The low friction characteristics eliminate the scope of power loss, which in turn contributes to better performance.

  • Reduced Operational Costs: The cost of shafts are significantly reduced as machining and hardening grease paths will never be an issue. One-piece, compact construction with an option to select bearings by size offers space and weight-saving benefits that simplifies assembly.

  • Lower Ownership Costs: As the bearings do not require re-greasing, the Agri hub units remain protected from unwanted contamination and this decreases the chance of breakdowns, so not just the ownership cost but the time saved on the maintenance of the machine can be saved as well.

  • Low environmental impact: Lead-free and greaseless, the Agri bearing units have a low environmental impact on disposal and manufacturing, staying in compliance with the highest standards.

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In every farming machinery, the bearings are exposed to abrasive particles, moisture and corrosive substances along with a high level of mechanical stress. To stay productive, the agricultural implement arm must withstand these extremely harsh conditions in an effective way. This can be accomplished by robust, high-quality and thoughtfully engineered agricultural bearings from the house of KG International.

KG Agri Hub provides integrated, maintenance-free and sealed agricultural application bearings which are advantageous to both OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and farmers too. Sealed and greased for its entire life, the unit decreases the need for grease and also the potential of grease spillage. The bearings are designed in an anti-string flanged shape to accommodate a disc into the outer ring. The stationary inner ring fixed using a threaded stub shaft with a self-locking nut facilitates easy and fast mounting.  Its remarkable stiffness minimizes the risk of disc tilting which further improves machine reliability.

Suitable for many agricultural applications, the bearing assemblies for agricultural machinery can be used in cultivators, tractors, mowers, seeders, backhoes, ploughs, tillers, sprayers and cultivators to deliver optimal power and productivity. From standard to custom bearings, every unit offers exceptional performance over multiple speeds, temperature conditions and loads to suit the demanding operational conditions of the agricultural industry.

KG International caters a wide range of agricultural application bearings to meet specific machine design and diverse Agri application that add more value to the machinery and eliminates the need for supplies or warranty costs. Offered in series, these are mentioned below:

  1. SL Series- Great for additional dynamic and static load ratings and sealed for preventing water and dust intrusion.

  2. ST Series- Linear motion bearings that can be used as alternators and starters, having a square or round bore.

  3. PX Series- Self-aligned bearings with a square bore having a high-performance seal for extended service life.

  4. Agri Hub Units- Full range of pre-assembled units to reduce management & ownership cost and increase productivity.

Wait no more, place your order for relubrication-free, easy to install and cost-effective Agri application bearings that support sustainability efforts, only at KG!