Why is Regular Generator Maintenance Crucial – from the Filters for Generators to other Parts?

Filters for Generators

Why is Regular Generator Maintenance Crucial – from the Filters for Generators to other Parts?

Filters for generators are crucial to maintaining the life expectancy of the machinery. The generator should work on maximum efficiency for which it requires appropriate installation of the supporting parts. Using the right fuel filters, air filters, and oil filters ensure your generator functions as expected. Despite its significance in industrial applications, the generator remains one of the most ignored equipment. Generators are often dumped or thrown away while they could still offer extended application and usability. Most generators are made with heavy metal covers and care is taken to keep them sturdy as they need to be protected from the harshest environments, often having to operate in the middle of nowhere.

Filters for Generators, and Other Parts, Require Timely Maintenance

 Clean the Engine.

Engine cleaning is a must. Where possible, do not leave the generator engine unattended and keep it clean. It will also help you observe any issues, and quickly replace or maintain loose and damaged parts.

Check the Oil.

Generator oil must be checked for the proper functioning of the generators. We recommend changing oil as the first 20 hours of usage passes. It will enable the removal of assembly lube and metallic particles that can accumulate during the break-in period. Alternatively, you can change the oil after every hundred hours or even before that if the generator is operating in dirty conditions.

Change the Generators Air Filter.

Air filters for generators become polluted and need changing regularly.

Keep the Fuel System Clean.

Do not allow the generator to operate with dirty fuel, this seriously affects the performance. Debris, dust, and particles in the fuel can wear away at the internal components and eventually leave the generator unable to function efficiently & effectively.

Check for Leakage.

Oil leakage can be dangerous. Do not ignore any leakage spots, take immediate action with maintenance & repair, or replace the worn parts.

Keep a Check on the Spark Plugs.

Checking spark plugs should be a mandatory task every hundred hours, or so. Plugs can highlight any oil residue, damage, or carbon build-up. Do not leave any cracked porcelain plugs in situ as that could obstruct the generators’ function.

Annual Inspection.

An annual inspection of the generator is mandatory that should be on your maintenance list. Checking and replacing critical parts on a routine basis is required to keep the generator working flawlessly.

Generator Positioning.

Poor generator storage, positioning, and placement can be a significant accelerant in reducing and impeding service life. Do not leave generators without the proper covering or shed when working in extreme conditions or environments. Make sure it does not accumulate dust or get excessively greasy. Prevent corrosion and make sure the generator stays in a dry environment. Check it every two months for oil and gas. Following these tips could help save unnecessary expense.

Filters for Generators & their Significance

The generator comprises air filters, fuel filters, and oil filters. All three filters have specific benefits and functions for keeping units running with minimum downtime.

  • Air Filters prevent dust, contaminants, or sand from entering the combustion process, to reduce the wear of the piston rod, valve gear and cylinder.
  • Fuel Filters keep the engine clean and protect its parts, by preventing any harmful particles, as well as water, from entering the engine via diesel. This protects the fuel pump, cylinder, pistons, and other parts from clogging or wearing prematurely.
  • Oil Filters ensure clean oil reaches the engine components of the generator, removing dust, metal particles, carbon deposits, soot and other impurities allowing for a continual flawless, smooth operation.

Alongside the routine maintenance of generators, oil change, repair and electric work services, timely replacement of the air filters, oil filters, and fuel filters should be on your to-do list. Proper and timely replacement of the generator filters ensures they continue to perform, operate as specified, reduces emissions, and extends the life of the generator.

Quick Reminder

Keep an uninterrupted power supply to your generator.

Attach vibration isolators to prevent noise pollution.

Takeaway Tip: Routine maintenance on the Genset can reduce costs in the long run.  It is critical to keep the generator performing effortlessly and deliver longer service life.  Under no circumstance should you wait for your machinery to break down. Be proactive and take steps to keep your Genset operating at its optimal level, helping deliver greater efficiencies and effectiveness, saving time and money.

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