Top Bearing/Linear Motion Manufacturers of the World

top bearing Manufacturers

Top Bearing/Linear Motion Manufacturers of the World

What is a Bearing?

Bearing is a highly engineered significant component of high precision that enables a machine to move/rotate at exceptionally high speedswith minimal noise and vibration, as well as carry heavy loads effectively.

The Importance of a Bearing?

To support the mechanical pivoting body, reduce friction between two surfaces, allow smooth movement.

Applications where Bearings are used?

Automobiles, Construction Equipment, Electronics, Home Appliances, Airplanes, Aviation, Agriculture, Textile, Paper & Pulp, Sugar Mills, Crushers, and many more…..

What is a Linear Motion Guideway and what are its applications?

Also known as LM bearings are used in all kinds of household and industrial applications. The importance is to allow smooth and easy vertical and horizontal movement.  Even commonly used features in homes, viz., sliding doors or drawers use a type of linear guideway to allow the opening and closing movement.

World’s Top Manufacturers

  • SKF
  • FAG
  • INA
  • NSK
  • NTN
  • THK
  • HWIN
  • IKO
  • KOYO

1.FAG – Germany

Listed amongst the Top Ten Bearing Brands, FAG, known as the moving bearing craftsmanship,was established under the umbrella of the Schaeffler Group of Germany, manufactures moving bearing/plain bearing products and arrangements. In 1883, Friedrich Fischer designed an uncommon steel ball processor. This development is viewed as the foundation of the moving bearing industry. A highly preferred brand for mechanical assembling in the automotive and aviation industry.

Besides, FAG, INA, LUK and KBC are the other brands manufactured by Schaeffler and distributed around the world.

2. NTN – Japan

NTN Bearing was founded in Japan in 1918, the world’s extensive exactness hardware maker. Its products are generally used in different fields, viz., circling satellite, aeronautics, railroads and cars, office geasr and nourishment hardwares. NTN is the world’s far-reaching exactness apparatus.

3.HIWIN – Taiwan

Established in 1989, the word HIWIN means ‘Hi-tech WINner’.  Professional manufacturers of drive control and system technology products, HIWIN is a globally renowned brand name with patents registered in 34 nations of the globe.

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