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NTN Bearings

KG is a NTN Bearings Partner for the past 2 decades. Our territories include the Middle East and GCC Region.

NTN is also one of the largest producers of 4th generation hub units, a key component for the automobile industry, and is a leader in the development of precision equipment in cutting-edge fields.

NTN Corporation (founded in 1918) is one of the top five producers of bearing in the world. Their main focus is to provide a wide range of solutions to customers in the fields of automotive and automotive-related companies, industrial machinery, machine tools, aerospace, office equipment, and wind turbines. They are also well known as a precision equipment manufacturer that develops business worldwide with its mainstay product of eco-friendly bearings that control energy consumption by reducing friction.

NTN is a global leader in bearings critical to rotational sections of many machines and the technology involved.  Furthermore, NTN utilizes its high technical capability to provide products including precision equipment and systems.

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