The Bearing Story – History and the First Industrial Revolution

A bearing is a component used in machine that facilitates motion and reduces friction in the moving parts.  It is designed to provide free linear movement or rotation around a fixed axis. The classification of a bearing depends on the type of operation, the required motion and the applied force. The most simple classification is a plain bearing, that consists of a shaft rotating in a hole and, the most commonly known bearing is a ball bearing that makes use of balls in between the rings to allow [...] Read More


What is a Gearbox

A gear is a rotating machine part featuring cut teeth or cogs, which is supposed to mesh with another toothed part in order to transmit torque. Gears are one of the most crucial parts of any motors and machine which help to increase the torque output by providing gear reduction and adjusting the direction of rotation. Two or more gears working together in tandem are called transmission or gearbox. Geared devices are more likely to change the speed, torque, [...] Read More

Lubricant Oil

Facts about Lubricant Oil

Do you have any idea what is Lubricating Oil? Let’s understand in detail… What is Lubricating oil? Lubricating oil is also known asthe blood of an engine, It is a type of oil use to reduce friction, heat, wear and tear between mechanical components that come in contact with one another. Lubricant oil is also used in motorized vehicles and it’s also known as motor oil, engine oil and transmission fluid. The main function of lubricating oil is to [...] Read More

Bearing World

Leaders in the Bearing World

KG International FZCO, the No. 1 Bearings Supplier across the globe takes pride in its exceptionally vast range of products.  KG has acquired an undisputed position in the market since 1968. We are a trusted brand across the globe for Automotive and all types of industrial applications. Our range of consistent high-quality bearings backed by in-house R&D and stringent quality control are applied in Automotive, Agriculture, Home Appliances, 2,& 3 Wheelers, to name a few.  Needless to say, we also provide custom bearing solutions as per our client’s specification [...] Read More

top bearing Manufacturers

Top Bearing/Linear Motion Manufacturers of the World

What is a Bearing? Bearing is a highly engineered significant component of high precision that enables a machine to move/rotate at exceptionally high speedswith minimal noise and vibration, as well as carry heavy loads effectively. The Importance of a Bearing? To support the mechanical pivoting body, reduce friction between two surfaces, allow smooth movement. Applications where Bearings are used? Automobiles, Construction Equipment, Electronics, Home Appliances, Airplanes, Aviation, Agriculture, Textile, Paper & Pulp, Sugar Mills, Crushers, and many more….. What is a Linear Motion Guideway and what are its applications? Also known as [...] Read More

Bearings for Home Appliances

Bearings for household appliances form an integral part of our business offering at KG International. We have been supplying quality bearing products to the household appliance manufacturers over the years. Read More