Education also moves the World. At KGI we strongly believe that education opens endless opportunities.


KGI endeavors to move the world not only through technical output but also on humanitarian grounds. We believe that for the world to progress we need to work from the root upwards and to do so we need to provide children the best education there is, to enable them to face the challenges brought forth in this competitive world. Through Maria Cristina Foundation (MCF) – a non-profit organization founded by Maria Conceicao in 2005, we got this opportunity too.


Giving at KGI is not restricted to investing in the education development of the future generations, KGI provides diagnostic aid by funding Guru Nanak Dev Super Specialty Hospital in Punjab, India.
In a healthy body, resides a healthy & active mind and at KGI we believe either carries equal importance.

The human endeavor to excel and to create/break records touched a special chord. KGI assisted Maria Conceicao to set three Guinness records
• First Portuguese woman to scale Mt. Everest
• The most Ironman races completed in one year
• The fastest time to complete an Ironman triathlon on 6 continents.