Power Generation

Power Generation

Filtration solutions for generators and compressors, covers all industrial engines from manufacturers such as PERKINS, CUMMINS, ATLAS COPCO, DOOSAN, MTU, AIRMAN, CATERPILLAR, DENYO, KUBOTA, and many more.

Fuel Filter

Generators are expected to continue working under a wide variety of environmental conditions, yet they have to maintain a constant power output to keep facilities running smoothly. WIX fuel filters adhere to the demanding specifications that manufacturers’ set for their engines, delivering the optimum fuel system protection in order to obtain consistent power, optimize long term performance and reliability.

WIX filters effectively protect the engine against serious damage and ensure fuel capacity is delivered as expected. Contaminants are removed allowing high-level performance to be maintained whilst pressure drop, power reduction, pollution and excessive fuel consumption are eliminated from the equation.

WIX also separates any drops of water present in the fuel reducing the risk of engine failure.

Oil Filter

Generator engines consume huge quantities of oil, making the oil filter is as important as its fuel filter. As the engine runs for long periods, the oil filters perform a vital part in guaranting the engines durability. With poor media, the gradual clogging of the oil filter reduces engine performance, allowing debris into the engine which eventually decreases the necessary oil flow and the engines power capabilities. WIX oil filters protect and keep engines clean and free from foreign particles, allowing it to work flawllessly for longer periods.

Air Filter

Ineffective air filtration is a major cause of accelerated component wear which can be costly to repair. Therefore, choosing an effective replacement air filter for your generator is key. Air filters assist the performance of the engine, protecting them from premature wear on parts by capturing any dust and debris before it enters so the engine can continue to operate as specified by the manufacturer. WIX filters are designed with layers of media exactly as defined by OEM designs, in radial or panel form, to preserve and protect the engines functionality.

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