Miniature Ball Bearings

Miniature Ball Bearings

Ball Bearings with an ID less than 10mm are classified as Miniature Ball Bearings. These are basically Deep Groove Ball Bearings and classified separately as per the size of bearing.

Deep Groove Ball Bearings with an outer diameter less than 9 mm are known as Miniature Ball Bearings. Deep Groove Ball Bearings having an outside diameter more than 9 mm and bore diameter less than 10 mm are known as Extra Small Ball Bearings.

They are available in a wide range, as defined by the ISO standard plan. These types could also be made to meet customer’s special dimensional requirements, but with some basic design limitations.
Miniature and Extra Small Ball Bearings are

  • capable of carrying relatively smaller loads
  • suitable for low, medium & high-speed applications
  • suited for low noise and low torque applications
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