Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC)


We at KG are fully committed to continually improving the quality of our products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of our valued CUSTOMERS. It has always been, and remains, our main aim to meet the quality specifications of our customers. Hence, our production is carried out by our ISO 9001-2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certified manufacturing partners. We are committed to offering superior quality with consistency in performance to achieve reliability of products.

Through our entire supply process, from the first customer contact to the final after-sales service, our aim is ‘zero-defect product offer to customers, with technical support’.

Our products and processes are closely aligned to and comply with prevailing international quality and safety standards, and we continuously employ control measures designed to ensure tighter safety parameters, comprehensive procedural checks, and zero tolerance quality inspections. Our quality assurance applies not just to our existing suite of products but to every new product that we introduce.

QC Procedures

Following are the general procedures involved for quality assurance and quality control:

  • Initial assessment of suppliers
  • Raw material inspection
  • In-process inspection
  • Finished goods inspection of each shipment at manufacturing facility
  • Re-inspection of goods at our Dubai QC Lab
  • Quality system audit
  • In-process quality audit
  • Re-evaluation of suppliers

KG Bearings – A trusted brand often associated with the highest reliability in quality.

Quality Control Laboratory

We have well established quality control laboratories that control the following parameters with the help of advanced instruments:

  • Dimensional tolerance
  • Run out and geometrical tolerance
  • Radial clearance
  • Axial clearance
  • Noise of bearings
  • Vibration of bearings
  • Roughness checking
  • Roundness checking
  • Hardness checking with portable tester
  • Magnetism of bearings