Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Bearings with high accuracy are critical for machines that need fast rotational speed, heavy use and reliability. Known for its exceptional performance and impeccable precision, angular contact ball bearings provided by KG International are engineered to carry out variable loads – axial and radial load.

Angular contact ball bearings comprise of outer and inner ring raceways displaced against the direction of the bearing axis, creating a line of contact between the ball, inner race and the outer race. The angle of contact ranges from 15o to 45o and is relative to a line that runs perpendicular to the axis of the bearings. Being unidirectional and bidirectional, the contact ball bearings are capable of withstanding moderate radial loads and heavy thrust – a great combination for high-speed applications.

The bearings are available in a wide range of shielding and seals. This primarily offers a secured layer that eliminates the scope of contamination due to moisture, dirt or dust and also acts as lubricant retainer. Angular contact ball bearings come in various forms such as solid lubricated, pre-lubricated or re-lubricated.

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Standard precision ball bearings are crafted from premium graded pressed stainless steel (SS), synthetic resin or brass and plated using materials such as chrome or cadmium. Typically mounted in pairs, quadruple sets, triplex sets or multiplex sets with respect to the preloaded units backed by elastic or rigid spaces. The specific geometry of the bearings creates ball contacts which accommodate a higher load.

Different options for customization include ball material, cage material, lubrication, unique installation tolerance strategies, pre-load and contact angles. Thin-section bearings feature small cross-sections in accordance with the diameter, while ball screw bearings are ideally meant for lead screw or ball screw applications.

The high-speed ball bearings are used in machine tools, material handling, wind energy industries, steel mill, food industries, automotive industries and more.

Finest Collection of Angular Contact Ball Bearings

There are several types of angular contact ball bearings available and these can be broadly classified as:

  • Single Row: Self-retaining units with solid inner & outer rings along with cage and ball assemblies. The single row angular contact ball bearings come in sealed and open designs and are ideal for arrangements that require rigid axial guidance. They have a contact angle supplementary code of A, B, C & AC denoting angle of 30 degrees, 40 degrees, 15 degrees and 25 degrees respectively.

  • Double Row: Versatile bearings having an inner and outer ring with double raceway and angle measuring 30 degrees (A) and 20 degrees. The double row angular contact ball bearings are useful where thrust load, improved radial load rating and compact size are the key parameters.

  • Combined Type: Angular contact ball bearings in row combinations to support multiple preload setting. Common forms of combination type include face-to-face arrangement (bidirectional), back-to-back arrangement (bidirectional), 3 rows arrangement, tandem arrangement (unidirectional) and 4 rows arrangement.

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