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Home Appliances

Bearings for household appliances form an integral part of our business offering at KG International. We have been supplying quality bearing products to the household appliance manufacturers over the years.

A diverse and extensive portfolio of motion control products enables us to provide customer satisfaction in a variety of bearing applications in the household appliances sector.

OEMs for appliances ranging from ceiling fans, exhaust fans, washing machines, water purifiers, water pumps, air conditioner fan motors, vacuum cleaner motors, dishwashers, dust collectors, food processors and kitchen appliances all choose KG bearings for their consistency in quality and performance.

Our bearings have been developed keeping your industry in mind. In order to meet the specific requirements of the household appliance industry, KGI has spent extensive time in research and development of these special bearings,  maintaining long term low noise in its application contributes to an environment friendly solution which is an important characteristic of our bearings

Our bearings produce:

  • low noise
  • quiet operation
  • long life
  • high quality
  • less friction and
  • energy saving for home appliances

Bearing solutions for household appliance manufacturers are made in accordance with strict safety compliance. Our dedicated team of technical engineers have been guiding other OEMs in choosing the right bearing dimensions, sealing, lubrication and clearances best suited for their product.

As all these requirements form a pivotal core which is vital for the smooth operation of your home appliances.