Filter maintenance is the foundation of maintaining a vehicle’s fuel economy and overall health. WIX automotive and light truck filters consistently offer the best protection and coverage in the industry. In fact, their oil filters offer increased engine life, because the technologically advanced construction captures 45% more dirt and lasts 30% longer than the leading brand. And, at 9 pleats of media per inch, WIX air filters last longer and capture more engine killing contaminants.

A high-quality fuel filter is more important than ever for protecting today’s advanced fuel injection systems, allowing an engine to run trouble-free and at peak mile-per-gallon performance. Plus, their cabin air filters with MICROBAN® are also the industry’s most technologically advanced for reducing impurities and pollutants entering the cabin.

Fuel Filter

Fuel filters ensure that the purity of fuel entering the engine is maintained at the optimum level, as any debris in the fuel affects the wear of engine parts such as injectors, pumps, and fuel-pressure valves.

All the fuel that enters the engine must first pass through the fuel filter. This means engines need the high efficiency and unmatched fuel cleansing performance provided by WIX fuel filters, it is vital for a long and trouble-free fuel system and engine life.

Originating from dirty and rusty service station tanks or from corrosion in fuel system components as the vehicle ages, dirt, rust, scale and water are the major impurities present in the fuel. These contaminants can plug injectors and carburetors, causing engine malfunction and deterioration.

WIX spin-on and cartridge-type fuel filters are engineered and built for long life and the possibility of extended service intervals. WIX fuel filters are simple to replace, and their spin-on filters even feature built-in gaskets.

Oil Filter

Filters are all too often considered as generic parts and therefore only price matters, however, this is a false economy. Filters have an important role to play and using cheaper parts on a critical system such as engine oil supply, is high risk and not advised. Automotive oil filters reduce the wear of close-moving parts of the engine and decrease the risk of damage. The oil or lube filter’s main aim is to prevent pollutants from reaching the oil, as the engine’s combustion chamber must remain clean to maintain optimum performance.

According to some sources, some of the cheapest generic oil filters do not even last 3,000 miles before they fall to pieces, plug up and go into bypass mode. Allowing dirty unfiltered oil to circulate through the engine, which is the same as running with no oil filter at all. WIX Filters, however, use innovative, grade 1 media, are evenly pleated, capturing all the impurities and so offer efficient engine running, and can go 10,000 miles or more.

When selecting replacement filters, choose wisely – choose WIX Filters and allow your engine to perform!

Air Filter

The fit, form and function of each filter is dependent on, and matched to, the criteria set out by the vehicle manufacturer.
An effective air filter stops any microscopic airborne contaminants (such as pollen, dust and asphalt particles) being sucked in by the engine. The quality of the purified air is crucial for the engine to operate properly; pure clean air promotes engine performance, increases torque, and aids fuel consumption. Air Contamination can also increase damage piston rings, bushings and cylinders. WIX Air filters are manufactured using hi-tech materials, design innovations in sealing that all promote clean air & dust capture. The modern filter media used in WIX Filters air filters ensure 99.9% filtration efficiency for particles of just a few microns in size.

Cabin Filters

WIX filters stop the pollutants found in the air, purifying the air before it enters the cabin. This provides comfort to passengers whilst protecting against hay fever, eye irritation and also helps in ensuring the driver can maintain a high level of concentration

WIX cabin filters equipped with the Microban system is the optimum solution even for people with pollen allergies. They also absorb odours, gases and pollutants and protect against odor-causing bacteria and mold growth on the filter.
Cabin filters containing activated carbon, help bind harmful gaseous particles, so that the passenger cabin is free from unpleasant odours.


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