How to Make You Linear Actuator Last Long?

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It is imperative not to forget linear actuators once they are installed. For your actuators to last a long time (and save you money), they must be maintained regularly.

You can expect your linear actuators to perform for as long as specified, as long as you take appropriate care of them and follow the manufacturer’s advice. Here are some tips on how to extend the life of your linear actuator.

Do NOT ignore specifications for our Linear Actuator

In order to avoid the expense of replacing a damaged actuator in future days, or months, you should stick to the product specifications and stay away from DIY.

You should follow the maintenance and installation requirements provided by your linear actuator manufacturer, regardless of where you purchased it. This includes:

Mounting requirements. Make sure you mount the linear actuator correctly before installing it. Poor alignment could affect how long your product lasts. 

Duty cycle limits. An actuator’s duty cycle refers to the percentage of time it spends in motion. For example, a product that runs for 20 seconds a minute has a duty cycle of 33 percent. Avoid exceeding this limit to help your linear actuator last longer.

Ensure that you stay on top of any other specifics as well. You may want to consult your manufacturer if you have any questions.

Utilization of appropriate device is vital

For future maintenance needs, it is vital that you buy the and appropriate and high-quality linear actuator for your application, no matter how obvious it may seem. To do this, start by asking yourself the following questions. 

In regards to distance, actuator speed, and frequency of use, what are your travel requirements?

Do you require a certain load capacity?

At what voltage should the actuator be operated?

Where will your linear actuator be used? 

Your product’s lifespan can be dramatically shortened if you use the incorrect linear actuator in a harsh environment. It is imperative that you know your application, understand exactly what you’re looking for, and choose the right product.

Consistent maintenance checks

Maintenance shouldn’t cease once the actuator is installed, as we have mentioned above. To ensure your actuator lives its life to the fullest, you will need to listen and watch for any changes in its motion. If your application performs differently over time, pay close attention to it when it’s new.

It’s likely that there’s something wrong if something doesn’t sound or look right, or if your product doesn’t run as smoothly or efficiently as it once did. In the event that you detect a problem, you should fix it immediately before it becomes a costly issue. 

A back-up device never hurts!

Your linear actuators will last longer if you purchase them from a reliable source. In spite of this, linear actuators tend to wear out over time, just as any moving product does.

Never be shy of asking for help

Unless you are the world’s leading expert on linear actuators, you don’t really know that much. You will, however, find that your chosen manufacturer knows a lot more than you do.

Make sure you ask for professional advice if you’re trying to extend the lifespan of your linear actuator. We guarantee you’ll save a couple bucks!

Consequently, to keep your machine running at optimal performance and minimize downtime, make sure you purchase any additional components that may be needed in the future, such as: belts, ball screw assemblies, and lubricants. An unforeseen event may even justify buying a second linear actuator as a backup. 

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